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Crossmax, Deemax, Cosmic, Ksyrium. These are just some of the most famous products Mavic has put on the market. The most iconic wheels of all the circus, from track to mtb, from gravity to gravel. Mavic is the symbol of cycling wheels. "What are the colors that give the most contrast on television?" "Yellow and black" That's where Mavic's yellow and black come from: from a discussion between Bruno Gormand, president of Mavic, and a cameraman. Mavic was born in 1934, inventing the first copper and aluminum alloy wheels: duralumin. The weight drops to 750gr, against the 1.2 kilograms of the classic steel rims. From there was born the history of the made in France brand, a continuous development that has led to the recognition of the brand all over the world.

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