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Choose the spring hardness of your MTB based on your weight, the type of bike (e-bike or traditional) and your riding style.

MTB Spring Calculator

MTB Spring Calculator

With this calculator you will be able to choose the spring hardness (expressed in pounds) of your MTB based on your weight, the type of bike (e-bike or traditional) and your guide.

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Attention: The values ​​shown, although reliable, are theoretical and do not take into account personal preferences, driving style and the level of the rider.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The shock stroke can be found by measuring the length of the stem, or by reading the specifications provided by the manufacturer.
Wheel travel is the length the wheel is able to travel when the suspension reaches full travel.
You can find this information by reading the technical characteristics of the bicycle.
The SAG is the measurement of the static sinking of the suspension, i.e. how much the suspension sinks, compared to a rest position, when the rider gets on the bike.

Single Pivot (monolink)

The wagon of the bicycle is; formed by a single triangle and the attachment points are usually 3: Frame, rear wheel, mono.

4 Bar / VPP

Unlike single pivots, this system is unique. composed of 4 or more attachment points. To understand if our bike has this system, just look to see if the rear triangle is fitted. formed by two or more elements joined by a joint.

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