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Polini hi-speed for e-bike equipped with Bosch engine guaranteed speed

New Products - 19/11/2015
Polini hi-speed for e-bike equipped with Bosch engine guaranteed speed - image

Polini Hi-Speed is an electronic device studied for Bosch e-bike engines with the aim to evade the 25Km/h limiter and consequently to increase the pedal assist mode which remains activate till 50 km/h exploiting at all the performance that the engine can offer.
Polini Hi-Speed is very easy to install since the connectors interface with the original ones maintaining the waterproof feature.
The assembly takes only a few minutes without opening the engine and without removing the original seals and the devise is completely invisible because it is housed in the interior space of the engine crankcase.
It is completely reversible and you can return to the original configuration in a rush.
It does not require any setting because it is self-adjusting.
No battery since it is self-recharging.
It can be easily discontented by unplugging the magneto placed outside the engine.
The speedometer will always display half of the real speed and the same for the km driven. To know the speed and kms driven it is enough to double the figures.
It can be adapted to the Bosch engines; it is available in two different models, one for the Classic+ version and one for the Active Line and Performance Line versions.

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