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wrapper plastidip wrap spray
wrapper plastidip wrap spray

Wrap Removable Coating

New Products - 13/11/2017
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How often do you want to paint something yourself, but are you afraid of mistaken and spoiling the item in question? Varnishing, in fact, is a practically definitive operation and we often get frightened of the idea that we can not go back.

The reasons why you want to paint an object can be many: change color for pure aesthetic taste, cover a scratch or a broken part, or even protect a surface.
Would not it be great to be able to paint something (a car, a motorbike, a refrigerator, a cell phone, a door, a guitar or whatever else) in an easy, clean and, above all, non-definitive way?

A very innovative idea from this point of view is proposed by Wrapper: a very special spray product, strictly Made in Italy. After defrosting and washing the surface with delicate soaps or degreasers, Wrapper sprays like a normal paint, but its the formula is completely different because, once dry, it compacts into an elastic film that adheres perfectly to the surface, forming a real protective layer, able to withstand temperatures between -35 and + 93 °.

Its consistency "forgives a lot" with respect to traditional sprays, requiring much less precision to avoid flakes, drops and dirt, and during drying, forming the film, pulling and spilling out any minor splashes.
The end result is very similar to what is obtained with the "wrapping" technique on cars and that is with the drawing of plastic films. Compared to these, however, Wrapper results to be more durable and allows, for example, washing with jet-jet lances without problems.

Other advantages over wrapping are ease of application, the ability to easily color angled, beveled or curved surfaces, and the ability to "patch" any damaged parts. The most interesting feature of Wrapper, however, is because it can be removed quickly and cleanly.
Just lift up a flap of three or four inches of film and gently pull, acting uniformly, so that the paint comes off in one piece without any residue, bringing the surface back to its original state.

The advantage of this possibility is that it is possible to carry out non-definitive work (but nevertheless enduring over time, given the strength of the product), and not having to pay too much attention during the painting process. With a traditional tint, a perfect masking is indispensable in order to avoid painting the parts that are not to be colored and it is not uncommon for even the best protective tape to drop a bit of paint with normal spray cans. With Wrapper, however, any deburring can be removed easily and cleanly.
All colors are opaque, but they can be shiny with the transparent.

Have you been streaked with the color of your cell phone? Do you want to protect the laptop cover from scratches? Want to change look to your car or to your circles? Do you want the hulls of your bike of a different color?
It's a Wrapper canister, a bit of carriage tape, and with a bit of fantasy, you can really do it all ... and you can always change your mind and go back anytime!

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